The Distinct Scene Of Race Diversity

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The distinct scene of race diversity was not introduced into my life until I was at the age of 8. Especially since I was born in an impoverished third world country of 15 million (Cambodia), I was not introduced to another ethnicity besides my own. Heck at one point I presume that my country was the only one on this planet. It was not until my transition from middle school, high school, and college did I started to get a better understanding of the word called “color”. Most peoples might relate to this, but what make you differ from everyone else? Well, the answer is simple and it is classified as “color”. Since an early age my personality had been naive and innocent, therefore I presume that everyone is being treated well regardless of where you originated from. In fact, I believed in this belief for a long time. It was not until the beginning of middle school that my belief started to become cloudy. A chance encounter occurs when I was shown a movie in my math class. At the time, everyone took a test and because the total average score of my class was so unexpectedly high that my teacher decided to treat us to a day without note writing to movie watching. The movie started off well and as time went by my eyes were glued to the tv set. But, there was a critical error with the movie and I had thought that I was the only one who notice. So to make sure I took a glance around to see if anyone around would have a confused expression. As it turns out I was not the only one
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