The Distinctive and Common Qualitiesof Job Shops and Flow Shops

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ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to clarify the similarities and differences between job shops and flow shops as well as advise with regard to facility layout. The selection of a job shop or flow shop layout should be made based upon the properties and characteristics the manufacturers desire to have in place for producing their products. These considerations will ultimately result in cost-saving measures as well as increases in overall efficiency. I. Explanation of the Defining Attributes Elements of Job Shops A production environment in which similar operations and equipment are organized by function is typically referred to as a job shop. Job shops are a unique form of manufacturing in which the jobs pass through…show more content…
FIGURE 2: THREE-PRODUCT FLOW-SHOP LAYOUT Above is an example of a product-oriented layout, which is in this case a flow shop. While some of the lines contain the same machinery, the flow lines never cross. Flow shops always have the same starting and ending points as well. Types of Flow Shops The no-wait flow shop requires that once a job has started it must be processed until completion without any interruption either on or between machines. This implies that the starting time of a job at the first machine has to be delayed to ensure that the job can go through the flow shop without having to wait for any machine. This type of scheduling is necessary were operations are required to follow one after the other due to production constraints, such as the production of steel or plastic molding. Manufacturing environments that use robots and industrial machines can be modeled as a no-wait process. Assumptions that are taken in the no-wait flow shop include the following: Job operation times are deterministic and known in advance; a job consists of a strictly ordered sequence of operations; the same job sequence is assumed for each job, but machine skipping is allowed (10). Instead if using a series of machines, a group of parallel machines exists in a flow shop environment and work is done in stages. A flow shop is considered flexible when it

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