The Distorted Stereotype of Skin Heads

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The battlefield has been erected, the combatants have been selected. A battle line has been drawn on streets across the world. Choose your weapon and choose wisely. What shall it be brass knuckles, a bottle, belt buckle, sock full of ball bearings, blackjack, baton, switchblade, brick, or the old fashion fisticuffs. A war is being waged within the skinhead culture a war that has been waged since the 1970s. A war between traditional skinheads and racist skinheads, the most notable factions involved in the war are the S.H.A.R.P.S. or Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice commonly referred to as SHARPS. They originated in New York but have membership in a plethora of other American cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and Kansas City among others. The SHARP organization numbers in the thousands with membership in several other countries in South America such as Chile, and branches throughout the world in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, and even Malaysia. Rivaling this nation and its ideologies would be the racist skinheads also known as White Power Skinheads. Although they have their own branches a great number of these skinheads are Neo Nazis. It is because of the brutal tactics of these far-right militant skinheads the skinhead culture has been branded with a bad reputation by the media. Because of white power skinheads everyone stereotypes all skinheads as racists. Honestly even I used to think this way but once I read articles and learned for myself
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