The Distribution Channels of Mary Kay Cosmetics

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Why should Mary Kay have more distributions channels like on the Internet or social medias? Because consumer need get familiar with the brand mainly Millennials and it gives them the choice of becoming brand loyal without having to wait for someone to go to their house and than wait 3 weeks to get their makeup. Millennials like to have control of their buying habit and adding more distributions will help get them get familiar and want to use the brand. The distributions channels that will work for Mary Kay would be opening an online store where consumer can go online on their computer or mobile device and take a look at the products and if they like something they can just buy it with one click, without having to called someone and meet up in order to get the product that they want. Another distribution channel should be Facebook. Consumer like to be connected on social media and having a Facebook page where Mary Kay can have special offers like a free sample by just buying a specific product would also called the consumer attention in trying more products and feel like they are connected to the brand. Research why it would help:
Multi-channel shoppers are driving the multi-channel distribution trend for beauty products. These shoppers continue to spend more than those consumers who are content with a single channel.
Each distribution channel is distinctive. These channels are important as consumers respond to distinctive stimulus from variety channels at different

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