The District Attorney 's Office

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The District Attorney’s Office along with Santa Clara County Courthouse has been existent since 1850. In 1951, under the County agreement, the District Attorney’s office has remained the office responsible for all criminal prosecutions, investigations of all major cases and maintenance of the Laboratory of Criminalistics. The District Attorney 's Office has three locations; the central location is based in San Jose. There is an office located in Morgan Hill, otherwise known as South County, and an office in Palo Alto for the residents in the north county. “The Santa Clara County District Attorney 's Office is the largest prosecuting agency in Northern California.” (History of District’s Attorney Office, 2014) The District Attorney’s Office is comprised of 540 employees, these employees include attorneys, investigators, forensic analysts, paralegals, clerical workers and volunteers. There are relatively 190 prosecutors in the District Attorney’s Office and are assigned to diverse specialized teams. The District Attorney’s Office prosecutes over 40,000 cases yearly, these cases include criminal, fraud, elder abuse, burglary, robbery, sexual assault, domestic violence, gang violence and murder. “The Domestic Violence Unit of the Family Violence Division is overseen by Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. The Domestic Violence Unit of the Family Violence Division prosecutes crimes with regard to domestic violence.” (Domestic Violence Unit of the Family Violence
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