The District Six Museum and Cape Town

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The District Six museum shows a greater insight of what unfolded during Apartheid in the lives of the people of all different races, predominantly coloureds. The different stories of people who lived in District Six are an essential part of the museum. The museum displays a ‘displaced community remembered’. The museum in the heart of Cape Town attempts to re-bridge the soul of the District Six ex-residents ‘and provide a different interpretation of the past’. The museum displays first-hand reports from the ex-residents. As much as the museum aims to tell the lives of the ex-residents, it also tells the stories of the harsh forced removals. In the District Six Museum you can find the spirit and brotherly-love of a broken community. The museum celebrates the lives of the people who were vigorously forced out of District Six. The photography and one-on-one interviews with the ex-residents gives the museum a personal touch and makes you feel as if you were a part of District Six. The Apartheid media called District Six a health hazard, a slum place where the rats ran wild and the drains were constantly blocked. The museum aims to tell the true story, straight from the people’s mouths that have lived in District Six. The museum remembers a community that was supportive of each other, one that saw no colour. The stories in this museum speak about the injustice that happened in the Apartheid years and how we are suffering the consequences of that injustice. In 1838, a vast number

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