The Disturbing Act of Aborting a Fetus

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Many people don’t quite understand abortion. It is a very serious and disturbing act performed by pregnant women and doctors. When people fully understand what abortion is, they usually have a certain opinion. Their opinion may include if they are pro-choice or pro-life. There are many different reasons and opinions for this global issue. The dangerous and unreasonable process of terminating an unborn child from a mother’s womb has had a negative and positive affect on the world. Abortion has been exercised because of many different reasons, despite holding extreme controversy and having many negative effects on the mothers after the process. Abortion means to end the life of an unborn child. Abortion is killing or murdering a human-being who does not hold the capability to make decisions for himself. It is a federal crime to kill a bald eagle egg but we are allowed to kill a human fetus. Why would the world allow such a hurtful process? It is sickening to think that a baby as small as an apple seed is being killed because they are not wanted. When people get pregnant and they don’t want to keep the baby there are other options to choose than abortion. Abortion is a process that has been around for a very long time. The earliest recorded use of abortion comes from the Ebers Papyrus which was in the 1550 BCE. “The earliest known description of abortion comes from the Ebers Papyrus (ca. 1550 BCE), an ancient Egyptian medical text drawn, ostensibly, from records dating as

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