The Disturbing World Of Human Trafficking

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“Man is a wolf to man.” This Latin proverb starts the reader on a harrowing journey into the disturbing world of human trafficking. John Bowe speaks to the typical American as he investigates the often hidden and dangerous side of globalization. Humans have a natural desire to get ahead in life, even if sometimes others have to suffer as a result. This attitude is the catalyst for what is known as modern day slavery. The author sums up his book perfectly when he says, “We all seek control. Control equals power. Power corrupts. Corruption makes us blind, tyrannical and desperate to justify our behavior.” Indeed he proves that statement true throughout the book.
First we are introduced to Immokalee, Florida. Florida has approximately forty four
Thousand farms and two hundred and eighty different crops including: tobacco, peppers, peanuts, radishes, sweet corn, snap peas, cucumbers and more. Two of the largest crops are oranges and tomatoes. Forty miles inland from Fort Myers Beach, you will find Immokalee.
There we meet the large number of underpaid migrant workers who pick the produce all of us
Nobodies: A Literary Review 3 consume through such companies as Tropicana. Many workers report being forced to live in poor conditions and threatened with violence by a labor contractor known as ‘El Diablo’.
He was infamous for his extreme cruelty. Because of these conditions and the number of hours these migrant workers are forced to work, the average life expectancy is just forty
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