The Ditchdigger's Daughters by Yvonne S. Thornton M.D.

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“The different styles of parenting have negative and positive effects on their children.” This quote by Tamica Miller claims how parents’ different styles can affect many children’s lives because the way they teach them a lesson. Every parent is different in his or her own way. In the memoir The Ditchdigger’s Daughters by Yvonne S. Thornton, M.D., Thornton explains as the black struggle in an unfair white America. The novel describes the oppression of the father and the consequences of the six daughters of being black as he constrains, and helps them with every situation to reach for his the level of excellence. It also describes how he helps his daughters to fulfill his dreams by maintaining that each daughter should concentrate her distinguish on a career as a doctor. The Mr. Thornton parenting style is very different than any other parent because he is very authoritative, who approach his daughter with a clear fixed of rules, which needs to be followed without asking him any question, which would have a big effect on his daughters. In comparison, my mother has a very unique style of parenting my brother and me. My mother’s parenting style is positive reinforcement sometimes she is very strict and sometimes she is very permissive because she does not want us to think that she is mean and rude. At the same time where she is fulfilling our all dreams that we wish for, which helps her to bring a positive behavior in us, so that way we don’t have a negative behavior effect

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