The Diver: A Narrative Fiction

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Blaring sounds of ambulances were the first things that registered in my mind. I could hear the sounds of not only the paramedics, but people as well. There was a melodious female voice that was trying to calm down a raspy male voice. Amongst the two voices, there was another frantic male voice. My eyes shot open and memories of dying flooded my subconscious. I shook my head, it was all a nightmare, I was actually alive and everything turned out perfect, Eli and I made it back home. However, the chaotic scene going on nearby caught my attention. I felt the need to figure out why everyone was freaking out and acting disoriented. Slowly, I walked over to where all the vehicles were parked and I could see in full view what all the franticness was about.…show more content…
One I recognized immediately, it was Eli’s silver Toyota Camry. However, it was wrecked to the point where it was almost indistinguishable. The other car was a larger vehicle, a Volvo. The only signs of wreckage in the Volvo were on the front of the car. Everything else was oddly intact. I trudged closer to the scene and finally laid eyes upon the frantic voice I heard earlier. He was an older man, perhaps in his sixties with a receding blond-white hairline and a hooked nose. He was speaking to what appeared to be a paramedic, trying to calm the man down. “I-I didn’t mean to! They ran a red light and I hit them. Will they be okay?” I couldn’t hear what the paramedic was whispering to him, but from the looks of the man’s face, it wasn’t good. As I whirled around, I was face-to-face with a badly bruised, sullen Eli laid out on gurney. Tears soaked the drying tears on his tan skin while bandages coated with fresh blood were wrapped around his torso as he took shallow breathes. I reached out, placing a hand on his jawline, he looked horrible. “Eli,” I muttered, “What the hell
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