The Diver

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se Nature of Psychology The Diverse Nature of Psychology Christine Woyner PSY 490 September 19, 2011 Edna Foster The Diverse Nature of Psychology The diverse nature of psychology begins with making a difference in a diverse setting. This involves the implementation of critical psychology concepts, subdisciplines and subtopics, motivation, behaviorism, and cognition. Moreover, these subdisciplines and subtopics may be applied to other disciplines in contemporary society. In addition, this paper will include the subdisciplines and subtopics to theoretical perspectives, and concludes with the psychological contribution in areas of work, education, health, and leisure. Diversity on Psychology’s Major Concepts The…show more content…
To support these theoretical perspectives, personality and identity are psychological outcomes through a degree of difference from parent or environment (Dunkle & Harbke, 2009). Early schools of thought define disciplines and subtopics through psychological anthropology or the study of humankind. Although, more practical reasons for psychological needs when approaching humankind, Research and data suggests a two-sided relationship between the professional and the clients. This is how science reveals varied personalities in different fields (Boas, 1963, Revised Allen, 1998). Conclusion In conclusion, subdisciplines and subtopics are major concepts when analyzing the diverse nature of psychology. These subdisciplines and subtopics identify motivation or theory of emotion, behaviorism and behavior of others, and cognition including cognitive dissonance. Emotional, behavioral and biological approaches have much significance in these subdisciplines and subtopics to elaborate on. Accordingly, there is more emphasis on each discipline and subtopics that contribute to society in the areas of work, education, health, and leisure. References Boas, F. (1963). Revised Allen K. (1998). Disciplines & Subdisciplines – Psychology Anthropology. The Mind of Primitive Man.

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