The Divergent Series By Veronica Roth

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The Divergent series, written by Veronica Roth in 2011, has been the latest addition to the genre of teen dystopian stories and films since The Giver started it all. The first film of the series, Neil Burger’s Divergent, has since been released and is loved by fans of the book for its faithfulness to the novel. Just like the Hunger Games, the film changes some of its character development and violence to better please its younger teenage audience and the MPAA for its PG-13 rating, but maintains its main themes of identity and social classes. One of the biggest things to consider in a film based off a teenage novel is the age of the character. Just like the Giver, the age of certain characters were changed in order to better relate to its target audience. In this case, Four/Tobias has been changed to a character around the age of 24, instead of the novel age of eighteen. While this change alters the relationship a bit between him and Tris, it works to add to his status as a Dauntless leader. This change is a bit different than most, since it changes the love relationship of the protagonist from obvious young love to a more complex, in-depth relationship. Because of this change, the dynamics of the relationship between Tris and Four is different. In the book, they are more like a young love. They flirt and have a slow romantic tension that is slowly revealed throughout the novel, but this tension was different with the age difference. This leads to their relationship

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