The Diverse Forms Of Slave Resistance And Rebellion

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Title: The main purpose of this research is to enumerate the diverse forms of slave resistance and rebellion, also with those specific methods of each of it .Slavery society was a unique society existed in the United States of America in the 18th and 19th centuries, a dark period full of exploitation, rudeness and oppression. By analyzing, comparing and concluding both of the efficiency and affluence of various anti-slavery attempts carried out by the enslaved. The ambition, perseverance as well as the eager for liberty and human rights would be the best inspiration. Table of Contents Introduction Page 3 Everyday Resistance Pages 3-4 Slave Escape Pages 4-5 Slave Rebellion…show more content…
[1] ( Slaves in the slavery society could be treated as personal property and be sold or bought as commodity, besides slaves could be deprived of rights and interests randomly by the slaveholder. Endurance of overloaded work and poor treatment seemed like endless alongside with maltreat and punishment, forced the indignant slaves to revolt against both the master and the unjust institution, whether there would be brutal repression. During the vigorous slavery abolition, the continuous strike of numerous slaves’ resistance and rebellion had been indispensable and irreplaceable. Everyday resistance Everyday resistance was the most common way of tiny acts to disobey the orders. This form of resistance included sabotage, feigning illness, playing dumb, or slow down work. [2] ( Slaves would try to break the constructions or tools or damage the crops covertly and once their behavior was exposed, harsh punishment was unavoidable. Although indirect revenges these were, they relieved their indignation by the destruction to the property and its owner. Overburden work with bad diets had tired the enslaved out, hence they played tricks of pretending to be sick or hurt. Cruel masters would hardly pity the “sick slaves” and usually force them to continue to work. However there was an exception, female slaves feigned illness and sometimes could muddle through not for their vulnerability but
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