The Diverse Forms Of Slave Resistance And Rebellion

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Title: The main purpose of this research is to enumerate the diverse forms of slave resistance and rebellion, also with those specific methods of each of it .Slavery society was a unique society existed in the United States of America in the 18th and 19th centuries, a dark period full of exploitation, rudeness and oppression. By analyzing, comparing and concluding both of the efficiency and affluence of various anti-slavery attempts carried out by the enslaved. The ambition, perseverance as well as the eager for liberty and human rights would be the best inspiration. Table of Contents Introduction Page 3 Everyday Resistance Pages 3-4 Slave Escape Pages 4-5 Slave Rebellion Pages 5-7 Nonviolent means Pages 7-9 Conclusion Pages 9-10 Bibliography Pages 11-12 Background From 1619 the first batch of nineteen black slaves was shipped to the North American, to 2008 the exact year when Barack Hussein Obama became the first African American president of United States. Great changes had taken places in the passing 400 years. Slavery had lost its popularity and faded out for a long time. No more slaves, no more slaveholders. Black people once as the property of slave owners, has been become freeman finally, can enjoy their basic rights, enjoy their life as any other citizens. In the United States, slavery had existed since the US independence and vanished in the Civil War, of which chattel

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