The Diversity And Cultural Diversity Management

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 Which advantages do Cultural Diversity and Cultural Diversity Management have ?
The complexity of the current economic climate demands creative and innovative business approaches and presents the opportunity for growth in developing markets by addressing unexpected or counter-intuitive consumer needs. Shifting demographics, increasing purchasing power of non-traditional segments and a trend towards customization present a compelling case for viewing MasterCard’s business efforts through a diverse lens.
As a global technology company keenly focused on innovation, diversity and inclusion is a business imperative for MasterCard as company believes that diversity sits at the root of innovation. Diversity of culture, experience, and thought all drive innovative thinking. MasterCard encourage employees to express themselves because their expertise and experience helps develop innovative, market-specific payment solutions that deliver real value to people everywhere.
Diversity allows for a deeper understanding and greater access to new markets, as well as the payment needs of MasterCard customers and their cardholders and merchants.
To achieve the full potential of diversity as a driver of business innovation, MasterCard have established an inclusive culture where employees are highly motivated, engaged and connected. MasterCard diverse workforce helps compete in a complex, evolving global marketplace one that places a premium on innovation and the ability to deliver customized,…
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