The Diversity And Culture Of The Native American Society

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The world is constantly changing and people are making a strong attempt to keep up. What happens when culture and the ways you know to be true are challenged by the ways of the world? The Native American people faced these, along with many other, challenges as Anglo-American society began to blossom and overtake the area. What challenges have the Diné faced while trying to remain true to their culture, yet reside in a non-native society? It what ways have these experiences altered their way of life for better or worse? Is it possible to be a part of such a swift moving society and hold true to traditional values and culture? The Navajo people have tried the best they can to carry on with traditions, but as the world changes the people must…show more content…
On the flip side, he said it had a lot to do with shaping him into the person he is now. His experiences gave him the wisdom and knowledge he needed to be able to help others later in his life. Throughout his life he has felt discrimination, even in elementary school. All the Native kids were forced to be in the same class and were treated as if they didn’t belong. They were ashamed to speak their own language in fear that others would make fun of them or reject them further. They found it easiest to be a part of society by staying with their group of Native kids while the Non-Native kids formed their clicks or groups. His parent, along with many others, fought with the school to get their kids in classes that were intermixed. Once Conrad got to middle school things started to improve since they had multiple classes in a day they were given the chance to interact more with other students and make friends outside of their group. Another thing they found really difficult in growing up was dating. I never really thought about how people discriminate against people they date, but I can see that it is a big problem throughout cultures. For Conrad and his friends, they would ask girls to dance or other things and more often than not they would be rejected or the girl would find some excuse to not be around during the dance or activity. He said that it got to a point where his friends wouldn’t even go to activities. They wanted to branch out
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