The Diversity Management Core Competencies

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The two core competencies that have decide to write about are individual differences and leadership. These are two competencies that are extremely important on a daily basis, especially in the workplace. Individual differences are the variations from different individuals, such as culture, personality, perception, demographic factors, skills, and attitudes. It is important for individual differences to be recognized and taken into consideration when it comes to managing any organization. Leadership is just as critical because it is the influence within an organization that has a meaningful impact. Leadership maximizes individuals’ efforts so key goals can be achieved. It is important to note that just because you manage an organization, that does not mean that you are leading the organization. In a way, leadership is also the ability to turn a vision into a reality. I chose these two diversity management core competencies because individual differences are something you see everywhere, whether it’s in an organization, group or team, and leadership is something that no organization or group can have success without. I also chose leadership because my supervisor at work is a great leader and she is constantly leading by example, so I can relate to it personally and it is something I really respect and appreciate.
The racism that is present throughout the movie Remember the Titans, along with the poor leadership of both the head coach and assistant coach at the beginning of…
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