The Diversity Of Appalachia And The Appalachia Region

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Appalachia In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared an unconditional war on poverty in the United States and the most photographed area was the Appalachia region. Many of the photographs intentional or not, became a visual definition of the Appalachia region. The images have drawn from the poorest areas and people to gain support for the war on poverty, but came to represent the entirety of the region. The point of the Looking at Appalachia project is to explore the diversity of Appalachia and to establish a visual counter point. (Home - Looking at Appalachia.) The three images I am going to analyze are challenge some of the stereotypes put on the Appalachia region. I believe my images challenge the stereotype that all Appalachian people do is work hard, go to church, and don’t have time for anything besides those two things.
The first of the three images focuses on an older gentleman sitting at a bar stool smoking a cigarette(Reynolds Untitled 1). He looks like he has lived a long life of working and the effects of the years of smoking have taken a toll on his skin. The environment is so dull that the only thing to focus on in the image is the older man. The gentleman wears nicer clothes it seems as though he could have just been to church and stopped to relax or for something to eat. The man in the image seems as though he has been caught off guard by the photographer taking a picture of him. He seems as though he was trying to relax until the photographer interrupted…
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