The Diversity Of Brampton As A Young City

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Brampton is a deserve and vibrant city. It Brampton there are approximately of over 600,00 is the ninth largest city in Canada, the fourth largest in Ontario’s and the third largest in the greater Toronto are (GTA). Statistics show that there will be around 837,000 people by 2031. Brampton is known as a young city being around 35 years. is a multicultural city which consist of 209 distant ethnic backgrounds, and 89 different languages. Immigration is an endless growth of diversification in Brampton. Statics show, in 2011, forty-nine percent on Brampton’s population is Canadian born while the other fifty-one percent were foreign-born. This city is a foreign based population, over the past 50 years there were approximately 237,965 people who have immigrated into Brampton, Ontario. From 2006, to 2011 there were, fifty-three percent people who arrived from India, followed by seven percent Philippines and six percent Pakistani’s. Although, there are numerous religious affiliations in Brampton there are a few highly populated religions in this city. Statistics Canada, 2011 National household Survey shows fifty-one percent of Brampton’s population is Christian, likewise there is a nineteen population of Sikhs and twelve percent Hindus. Furthermore, there are ten percent non-religious affiliation, seven percent Muslims and one percent Buddhist in this city. Besides the top religious’ affiliations in Brampton, it is part of the top ten Canadian municipalities by total

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