The Diversity Of Human Population

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The diversity of human population increases every day. With freedom, people have the will to express themselves in different aspects of a region, beliefs, or sexual orientation. Most recently, there has been an increase in cases of gay people in America, and the world over. Debate rages whether being gay is caused by hormones, genes, social and environmental factors or a combination of all these factors. Regardless of the cause, the general population is gradually accepting the gay community in the population (Katz, 2012). Although there is still a stigma associated with this particular minority group, studies show that it 's more favorable being gay now than it was ten years ago. This essay is going to conduct a population immersion study of the gay population in America.
History of the Gay Population in the US
The history of the gay population could be traced back to 1940s. Indigenous North Americans had a culture where in the society; there existed ‘two spirits '. These were relationships between two people of the same gender. In some cultures, these two spirits were only allowed to have relationships with only members of the same sex. Though people at that time did not view two spirits as neither heterosexual nor homosexual, the nature of relationships by two spirits is comparable to today 's gay relationships. However, two spirits was only limited to a certain indigenous community.
By 1950, there were gay people who were open about their orientation. Though it was not a…
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