The Diversity Of Managers And Employees

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Managers have always encountered obstacles, however, the challenges they have today are quite unique. Management is always evolving and there are many things that need to be considered that are quite new to managers and employees alike. Our world is becoming more culturally diverse and we are entering a technology era that not only has internet, but has social media, web-conferencing and media sharing. These challenges coupled with a fast paced society can make it difficult it for managers to achieve result from their employees.
Managers are impacted by organizational culture and diversity in many ways. It 's important for managers to be aware of the diversity of their employees, upper management and the customers they serve. I believe it is extremely important to understand the set of values that each worker has and be sensitive to their culture. Each individual has their own personal beliefs, values, and behaviors and if a managers can understand the individual then they are more likely to get the best out of that employee on a consistent basis.
One approach that management should take is to increase their cultural intelligence.
According to Schermerhorn (2015), the silent language of culture is having the "capacities to listen, observe, and learn which are the building blocks of cultural intelligence" (p. 112). The silent languages are spoken and written words as well as non-verbal communication which include context, space, and time. This can be different depending on
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