The Diversity Of Multicultural Team Management

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Multicultural team management
Summary: Since inevitable change of diversification is taking place in the workforce due to the globalization, therefore, understanding of culture and diversity is of great importance for manager to manage a multicultural team where people has different values, beliefs and conventions. To find out how important culture and diversity are to team management in international business, this article emphasized on the important effects of culture and diversity to multicultural team and the solutions to deal with cultural barriers for manager when effectively managing a team. By comparing different types of cultural issues, results suggested that understanding culture and diversity can enhance effective-decision
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Managing a multicultural team therefore is a challenge for managers who will meet a worst situation unless realizing the importance of culture and diversity and taking actions to deal with them.
False-consensus effect
The problem we face when working with people of different cultures is that the false-consensus effect confuses us. The false-consensus effect is a tendency for people to assume that the way we see the world is the same as that of others than they actually do (Rose, Greene, and House 1977). For example, when Maggie was walking along a path on a college campus with her group members, an attractive male came alone to ask for their phone numbers. Meggie refused him immediately and proceeded to say that it would be not appropriate giving phone numbers to strangers since they all have boyfriends. However, Linda, a member in the group, disagreed with Maggie and gave her number to the stranger even though she was not single. When Maggie asking others’ opinions, she was shocked that only one girl agreed with her. What Maggie has just experienced is called false consensus effect.
False-consensus effect is more obvious in cultural diverse environment and it will create confusions, misinterpretations, poor decisions and ineffectiveness which are bad for team management.
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