The Diversity Of People 's Gifts And Talents And Skills Essay

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1. It is fundamental that leaders endorse a concept of persons. This begins with an understanding of the diversity of people 's gifts and talents and skills (p.9) An organization comprises of people and it can 't be a place of work without the people involved in. Every employee has different and unique skills and capable that they can contribute to the mission of the organization. If all employees have the same talent or skills then there will be nothing to learn from and also the organization will be boring in the source of production. For this reason the success of an organization and its competitiveness depends on how diverse the employee talents, skills and plan for the organizations are. If a leader embrace varieties of the employees ' skills, talent and abilities can help to provide better and greater solutions to the organization 's problems in service and also allocating of resource at the right place. In addition it enables the organization to go beyond just servicing local customers but can do business in the global world due to the diverse talent of the employees. Therefore as a leader, you needs to appreciate, accept and make up use of each employee 's different experiences, skills, talent and knowledge they bring to the organization or a team. If an employee feels that they are being appreciated for been useful to the organization, they intent to perform even better and maximized their strength, and then grow to make the company stronger, which intend
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