The Diversity Of Society : Does Society Unites The Society

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Since the beginning of the human race, diversity has been a part of the world. Whether it the color of our skin or our beliefs, everyone is different. The society unites from being diverse However, diversity tend to cause unity more often than it divides the society. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization.” Gandhi believes that the capability to be able to unite while being diverse is what will make our society appealing. The society unites and unites even when they are different. Some factors that unite the society would be a common interest, conflicts, and the loss of loved ones.
A common interest is a factor that unites the society. This is shown when the author of “A Quilt of a Country” ,Anna Quindlen, states, “The citizens of the United States have come together once more because of armed conflict and enemy attack” (l.58). Americans worked together despite their differences due to a terrorist group committing a genocide on The World Trade Center. Citizens came together because they had something in common: the passion to rebuild what has been destroyed and to not show any instability. Going through the same problems during the same time, they were able to help each other since they had the same feelings. In “Night Calls,” by Lisa Fugard, there are many examples on how a common interest can unite individuals. Fugard wrote, “During holidays I came home and my father would share the latest
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