The Diversity Of Student Populations

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The diversity of student populations in American schools is continuously growing. The article by Brant (2013) discusses the importance of the ways teachers and teacher educators act towards multicultural education. The study discussed pre service social studies teachers’ understanding of multicultural education. The study was based on of the ten themes of standards by the National Curriculum for Social Studies. Sixty-nine pre service teachers from a university completed a survey to rate how they understood various multicultural education terms and their self-efficacy towards working with diverse students and families (Brant, 2013). The survey resulted in a range of answers about teachers’ beliefs and practices towards diversity in the classroom. Most of the pre service teachers reported understanding and about student’s diversity. Brant (2013) reported that eighty-two percent of respondents believed multicultural education means being an advocate for diversity and identified as an ally for a group of diverse people. The article also explained the importance of secondary social studies teacher integrating multicultural content into their instruction during class time (Brant, 2013). It is critical for all teachers to be knowledgeable and aware of diversity in students, but it is extremely crucial for social studies teachers to stress the importance of multicultural education in their instruction. Social studies classes should make students more responsible members of
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