The Diversity Of The Caribbean

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To accomplish some task, it is best to work as a team to get things done in a timely manner. That is always my expectation from a group which can be challenging because everyone has their own expectations and priorities. Although, teamwork is a skill that is needed in the workforce not everyone has mastered this skill. I had the pleasure recently to be part of a group, not everyone work as a team, I am not aware of the reasons but was satisfied with some of the outcome. The Caribbean Spices was comprised of four females from diverse backgrounds Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaica. Diversity is not always just about the background but is anything uniquely different between human beings. Our diversity includes physical appearance, religious belief, race, opinions, thoughts and the impact we are making on society and the environment we desire to work in as upcoming social workers. Our group was form not because we knew each other from previous classes, but from the proximity of our seats to each other. Throughout this group member are learning what to do, how the group will operate, what is expected from each other, and what is acceptable and not. We were all motivated to achieve the goals and overcome any hurdles that might arise I did not experience all stages within the group development and different roles that were to take place. The group came together on the 20 of January we collectively created a contract that each member signed and agree to not everyone adhere to. The
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