The Diversity Of The U.s. Population

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The purpose of this article is to discuss the implications of the diversity of the U.S. population in the context of possible communication barriers in relation to this diversity and how it affects healthcare. Defining communication in addition to the challenges of communication barriers as well as examples of how these barriers can interfere with nursing care and the understanding of health care are discussed. As well this report reviews nursing standards and core competencies in regards to effective communication. Barriers to best practices are defined, as well as examples of strategies to minimize communication barriers are discussed. Lastly the nursing curriculum, awareness of nurses, and interdisciplinary learning is overviewed. Keywords: Effective communication, communication barriers, limited English proficiency (LEP), nursing standards, core competencies, culturally competent care. Effective Communication in Healthcare Today
Effective communication is a two-way process of not only relaying the correct information but receiving and understanding the correct information (Tay, Ang, & Hegney, 2012). The number of persons with limited English proficiency (LEP) in the United States has increased by 80% in the past 16 years accounting for 25.2 million people or 9% of the total population (Gil, Hooke, & Niess, 2016). This presents a communication challenge for the healthcare provider when the LEP patient presents for medical care. Communication barriers can interfere…
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