The Diversity Of The Workforce

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Today when you look at our country you think of it a somewhat of a melting pot or a mixed and diverse population. When you look at the populations, even in small towns you see multiple different races and cultures. This then leads to our workforce where you see that same type of diverse culture entering the workforce in the communities they live in and the ones around them. Our workforce hasn’t only changed to multicultural, it also has more and more woman as well.. If we look back 50 years you see that woman and individuals with a race other than caucasian had a very hard time finding a place where they would be welcomed in the workforce. Today woman, our international population, and races other than caucasian are finding the task of working to be a little easier. (Older Workers, 2008) Today we have programs in high schools and college that allow international students to go to college, work, and live here with an overall acceptance from Americans. Our diverse population also includes the age that we work. With improved healthcare and the advances in technology, men and women are working well into their senior years. Some may debate that it is because they have to with our declining economy, but the fact still remains that they are able to continue in the workforce. With all of these factors it is very important that we work together to improve our communication abilities through our school building by using the application of diverse skills (Linn, 2013). A.1.

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