The Diversity Of Views Towards Health And The Body

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Throughout this course, I have learned about the diversity of views towards health and the body. Since I am from Indian descent, I was decently familiar with Indian medicine and its uses. However, this course allowed me to expand on this knowledge, and even gave me the opportunity to teach my family about some Indian medical benefits for a change. In my house, we are regularly utilizing both western and Indian medicine. After learning more about Chinese medicine, I was able to compare and contrast its views with the two views I am familiar with. By tracking my daily health in a health reflection journal throughout the semester, I was able to relate course material with my own personal life. It not only allowed me to get more in touch with…show more content…
I also noticed that I found myself complaining about my diet a lot. I would find myself starving all day, and then as soon as I would get home I would gorge in all different types of junk food. By expanding more on this problem in my health journal, I concluded that this might be because I am a commuter student. As a commuter student, I scheduled all my classes close together so I could leave the campus at a decent time, go to work, and have time to finish all my homework. I spend the majority of my time in the library and find it inconvenient to have to walk to the HUB every time I am hungry, especially since the breaks between classes are not long enough. If I hadn’t journaled, I probably wouldn’t have noticed these patterns. I would have just shrugged them off, not realizing that they do have a long-term effect on my health.
Once I noticed the reappearance of these issues in my journal entries, I decided to take action. I started packing healthier snacks for during the day, and decided to make myself a nutritious breakfast in the morning if time permitted. As for the procrastinating issue, I think that’s just a typical college student trait. To try to battle it, I tried creating an organized schedule determining exactly how much time I needed to complete each assignment. Unfortunately, once I got off track, I couldn’t motivate myself to get on track. After journaling about my health for a couple weeks, I also got motivated to start working
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