The Diversity Within My Classroom

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As a teacher in a diverse classroom, I would never want my students to feel left out or feel they need to abandon their culture to participate within my room. I would encourage my students to be proud of their culture by inviting them to bring in special items from home that represents their own country, and share the items with the class. I would also read stories that pertained to their culture. By reading books that reflect the different cultures within my classroom, I am not only including and encouraging my ELL students, but I am also teaching my other students about different cultures which is very important in this culturally diverse age. One of my favorite ideas for including my diverse students, in my classroom, is to host a special culture night where the entire class can be involved and show something about their different cultures. Our textbook talks about this saying, “Teachers can help students develop a sense of pride in family heritage by inviting family members as guest speakers, encouraging family demonstrations of traditional customs, and including activities that involve ethnic foods, clothing, and music” (Vacca, et al., 2015, p. 69). In addition, I would encourage those learning English, by making picture cards for them with both the English and their language on them so they would understand what the words mean. I would first start slowly with easy class words, but then as they progressed throughout the year I would continually add new words used in

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