The Divide Between Eastern And Western Europe

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The European continent is an interesting case study of the divide between Eastern and Western Europe. The divide is an older issue rooted in historical events in modern European history. History allows for understanding of what drives the divide in Europe into contemporary times. Eastern Europe has specific regional issues that divide it from Western Europe. The most important are the weak governments and economies. The lack of strength in government allowed for the rise of empires to take over the region; sadly, this leads to the ethnic division within the regions, as people groups moved into different parts of an Empire. The rule of Empire weakened the economies of the separate nations, created a lack of political sovereignty, and inflamed dangerous ethnic tension. Eastern Europe at the dawn of the nineteenth century did not resemble its self-more than hundred years later. Instead, “at the beginning of the nineteenth century, East Central Europe contained no sovereign states…[as] the supranational empires succumbed and were replaced in East Central Europe by dozen sovereign states.” The formation of sovereign states lacked a base of political autonomy compared to the states of Western Europe. Empires allowed for the states of Eastern Europe to stay weak and lack a base to form a fully functioning state. Western Europe went from smaller weak states to form a strong centralized state. The states in the East were falling into the pattern of a weak states that could not form
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