The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri

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Dante Alighieri wrote the Divine Comedy from 1308-1320. The story narrates Dante’s pilgrimage through hell, purgatory, and heaven while guided by Virgil and Beatrice. Throughout this journey Dante conforms himself to virtue, properly orders his passions, and conforms his conscience, “Dante 's psychopoiesis operates through the mimetic deformation, reformation, and transformation of conscience” (Macready, 2). This essay will examine what a true conscience is according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and explore the nature of the conscience in Dante’s Divina Commedia. Additionally, this essay will examine the errors of Dante’s conscience regarding divine justice, love, and courage; and who contributes to this formation. One must…show more content…
There are many examples of Dante taking pity on those in hell. First, one can see this portrayed in the second circle of hell by the lustful. The lustful, whose actions often led them and their lovers to death, suffer for their sins by means of fire: "Into this torment carnal sinners are thrust, So I was told the sinners who make their reason, Bond thrall under the yoke of their lust." (Inferno. 5.37-9). When first entering the second circle Dante, “beholds a place completely dark, where there is noise worse than that of a storm at sea. Lamenting, moaning, and shrieking, the spirits are whirled and swept by an unceasing storm. Dante learns that these are the spirits doomed by carnal lust” (CliffNotes, The Divine Comedy). Dante reacts to Francesca 's love for Paolo, her horrible betrayal, and her punishment so strongly that he faints. Due to Dante’s misguided concept of lust, he does not realize the full severity of Francesca’s sins. Dante also feels pity for one of the most important figures in the poet’s life, Brunetto Latini. Featured among the sodomites, Brunetto Latini is in one of the central cantos of the Inferno. “Although the poet imagines Brunetto in hell, Dante-character and Brunetto show great affection and respect for one another during their
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