The Divine Comedy In Dante's Inferno

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The concept of this research paper is to focus on the importance of we have learned in World Literature. In each assignment that was readed we looked into the literary works to analyze what was readed and to gain a better understanding of the assignment. One of the readings that appeal the most is Dante’s Inferno also known as the Divine Comedy. Dante’s Inferno was a comedy that began in 1308 and ended in1320 written by Dantes Alighieri. It is a long epic poem broken into three separate sections: Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Dante uses these elements to explore the descent of a man entering many different journies throughout hell and he also demostrates hell through the eyes of a devoted Christian. This leaves reader left to wonder the extent of hhow much the Dante’s Inferno is an accurate representation of Dante’s belief in Christianity and his definition of comedy. Upon reaching the gates of hell, Dante is introduced into the first two realms of the afterlife, inferno, and paradise. Within that level is the first circle of hell called the Limbo. Many individuals that were sent to this circle of hell, “did not sin, and yet, though they have merits,/that’s not enough, because they lacked baptism,/ the portal of the faith that you embrace./And if they lived before Christianity/ they did not worshxip God in filling ways” (Cantos 4, lines 34-39). Dante made it very clear that any individual in the level of Limbo would only reach heaven if they gave their complete devotion
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