The Divine Number

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Among all religions, all nations, and all cultures, one unique character is shared. Whether it be engraved within the ancient grounds of Ireland, where tombs are covered in trinomial swirls, or the works of the famous mathematician Pythagoras, who discovered the most simple and most perfect complete polygon, the number three is used everywhere. The importance of this digit can be found in many places, including our religious beliefs, our world’s history, and even in modern day mysteries. Everyone on Earth has some form of religion, whether they worship a god, multiple gods, or no god at all. Almost all of these religions have had some sort of past with this hallowed numeral. One religion in particular, one of the world’s most famous religions, that showcases this number spasmodically is Christianity. In this religion, we are separated into three worlds: Earth, Heaven, and Hell, so from the very start, the number had been introduced, but it ceases to halt here. God had Moses build him a box, famously known as the Arc of the Covenant, and only three items are worthy enough to be placed inside this box: The Ten Commandments, which were touched by the hand of god. A jar of Manna-food that fell from the sky to feed the people while they traveled for many days and nights- and lastly, Aaron’s rod, which is a walking staff that can turn into a snake on command of the holder. After Jesus dies, he resurrects in three days. You have the Godhead three in one, the Father, the Spirit,
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