The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

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1. How do stroke survivors (or others with a chronic illness) and health care providers remain hopeful and “realistic”? What values are involved in maintaining hope while being realistic? I believe the way individuals who suffer from chronic illness or are recovering from incidences, remain hopeful and realistic by utilizing their support system, understanding that progress cannot occur overnight, and by reveling in the small accomplishments which are motivating. In the book, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, initially we see Jean-Dominique pitying himself and remember what was. The part where he expressed that he wished to die to his speech therapist while she was teaching him the new form of communication, shows the exact way he was…show more content…
The client wants to see that you believe in their recovery just as much as they do. 2. Those with a devastating illness often have a need to tell their stories. How can others ensure that they are able to tell their stories, and how does telling one’s story impact the way patients are treated? Sometimes listening is the best way to help someone out. I believe that someone would be able to make sure a person story was told by listening and possibly sharing the experience with others. In the case of Jean-Dominique, he utilized a book contract he had before the accident to express his story. Through this book I could visual all the amazing traveling expeditions he went on. When he talked about walking down the street of Lourdes and seeing all the people making their way down this path hoping for a miracle, it struck me. He was able to discuss this event and relate it to his current predicament. I feel like in other instances, a person can tell their stories through vocal recordings, speaking with loved ones, creating illustrations, or even sharing pictures. A person might take part in one of those activities and then ask or make note of their wishes for those stories to be shared. My grandmother passed not too long ago, and I know that whenever I get a change I try to talk about her life and even try to learn more about the experiences she had. When I learn of new things about her, I am always dying to share the information with others because I want others to know and
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