The, Division, And Place Mr. Crouse

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The Title, Division, and Place Mr. Crouse is in on the Organizational Chart
Mr. Crouse Jr is the vice president for enrollment management/dean of admissions of Mount Aloysius College. He reports directly to the college president, Dr. Foley. Mr. Crouse is at the top of his organizational structure, which he provided me at the conclusion of the interview.
The Structures, Model, and Culture of Mount Aloysius College Mount Aloysius is a small liberal arts college that was founded by the catholic Sisters of Mercy. Mount Aloysius follows a traditional bureaucratic model; there is a clear organizational structure and each member of it knows their place. Mr. Crouse oversees twenty two branches of his department.
Mount Aloysius College provides a setting in which students are encouraged to synthesize faith with learning, to develop competence with compassion, to put talents and gifts at the service of others, and to begin to assume leadership in the world community. With emphasis on values of justice, hospitality, mercy, and service, the College’s liberal arts core curriculum provides the necessary basis for leadership and the knowledge and skills in a wide range of professions. While the academic focus is paramount at Mount Aloysius, the College also considers spiritual, cultural, social and personal growth as essential elements in the development of the student (Mount Aloysius College, 2016).
Dilemmas and Challenges
The biggest challenge that Mr. Crouse highlighted on was the…
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