The Division Of The Nineteenth Century

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The Perpetuated Division in the Nineteenth Century
The nineteenth century was an era that a lot of memorable history events had happened. Race, place, gender and class have been perpetuated in this century and have influenced the society from then. White people were obviously living better than black people; big cities always offered more opportunities and chances for people to find jobs; males were admittedly getting jobs easier and having higher salaries than females at that time; people who were in the upper class were undoubtedly enjoying more liberty and possessing more social properties than those were in lower class. The Civil War is considered one of the most significant history events that happened in American history. The government abolished the slavery law after the war, which emancipated many black people from being slaves. Also, there were many women going outside and finding jobs on their own. But under these circumstances, there were several events that still had impacts on people at that time and divided people by race, place, gender and class. These included the events of H.H.Holmes and the events of Margnet Garner, which illustrated how and why race, place, gender and class were dividing people and perpetuated in the nineteenth century. Sometimes time can decide and perpetuate a lot of things. Living in the nineteenth century, H.H.Holmes was a white man who made a living in Chicago and worked both as a businessman and a doctor. He lived during the gilded…
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