The Divisions among Black People

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In my family, some members have really fair colored skin that would make you question if they’re white, while others are a very dark “black” complexion. So once I got in high school when Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites became popular my eyes started to open to a new form of ignorance. If you’re active on social media then you’ve definitely seen tweets and Facebook statuses referring to the “Team Light Skin vs. Team Dark Skin” controversy in the black community, especially pertaining to and among females. Most comments are on the lines of “Light skin is the best skin”, “Oh you’re cute for a dark skin girl”, or “She’s light skin, so she has to be stuck up”. The black community refers to the two skin tones as if they’re two different races and one is better than the other. To sum up this behavior in one word, I would have to use colorism. Colorism is defined as prejudice or discrimination based on the relative lightness or darkness of the skin; which usually occurs within one’s own ethnic group (Dark Girls 2012). If a female is light skinned or of lighter skin complexion, she’s seen as prettier and conceited. On the other hand, a dark-skinned female is seen as being ugly, dirty and probably lacks self-respect. But in the eyes of different ethnic groups, especially Caucasians, we are all seen as Black or African-American. The division…
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