The Divorce Of Christian People

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Cornatzer 2 Have you ever been driving somewhere only to realize a short time later that your are lost. You stop and ask yourself the question of How did I get here? From the very beginning of time there has always been marriage. Marriage is first seen in the bible in Genesis 2:18, where God said that it is not good that man be alone. It is obvious because he put in in His word that God has always been about relationships and when he instituted the marriage of one man and one woman he believed that it was something that should last forever. Regardless of the intention that God had for marriage when he ordained it, too many people have made it to be something of a fad or a trend. Instead of making statements like lets give it the ole college try we are now saying things like lets give it the ole marriage try. One of the most unfortunate things that happens in our world today is the divorce of christian people. Christians of all people should be different, the bible says that we are to be set apart or different. If we are to be different then why is that Christian people are now on the front lines of statistics of divorce. Over the next few paragraphs we will examine some common problems that lead to divorce and why the church seems to be so involved in this statistic so much. The biblical teaching of marriage is that it is the union of one man and of one woman (Gen. 2:24) has completely changed. There are now new definitions for what once was a bond between
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