The Divorce Of The Institution And Commitment

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Today, we live in a society where “till death to us apart” has changed to “till things fall apart”. Divorce, which is a legal discontinuation of the marriage, has rapidly grown to approximately 40 percent of all marriages will end in the United States. While they’re many couples that are in happy and healthy relationships, there are several those are not. What is the cause of the progressing down in the institution and commitment? The desire to stay in a relationship no matter what happens, in marriage and developing romantic relationships? Researchers are explaining that answer is very simple…. Communication. Communication scholar Mark Knapp and social psychologist and martial therapist John Gottam have turned to studying couples through all stages of their relationship, whether they are in happy or unhappy relationships, to find the solution and explanation to communication characteristic traits that many couples have developed while dating that have or will carry over into a possible marriage. In this case study, I will be focusing on two examples of how romantic relationships vary in how they handle conflict, through looking at validating couples and hostile couples. Social psychologist and martial therapist John Gottam, has researched to discover what the one of common thread is between couples that remain committed to each while martially satisfying relationship. Romantic relationships vary in how they handle Hinkle 2 conflict
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