The Divorce Rates And Successful Marriages

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Introduction The rate of divorce has greatly increased over the past decade and determining the factors and characteristics that deem a marriage successful can be considered a “hot button” issue in today’s society. Research studies have been conducted to attempt to target the reasons for marriage failures. Conversely, the purpose of this research study was to determine what married couples considered to be the most prominent factors contributing to marital success. Examining these key characteristics through a qualitative lens may help to provide society with a greater understanding of how a successful marriage is sustained. In this study, “success” will be defined as compatibility, strategies for working together through hardships, and remaining married for twenty years or longer. The definition was compiled from earlier studies, interviewed couples, and literature written about successful marriages and key elements that keep couples together. Literature Review Due to the steady decline in the percentage of successful marriages, these researchers and psychologists have conducted numerous research studies in order to determine the various factors contributing to both the divorce rates and successful marriages. A study conducted in 2003 has comparatively estimated the percentage of divorces among various racial and age groups. “We estimate that 70 percent of black women’s first marriages will end in divorce, as will 47 percent of white women’s marriages. There are also
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