The Dna And The Nucleus Of Cell York

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Danny the DNA lived with Mack the mRNA in the nucleus of Cell York, they were brothers, after all. Danny was always a stay-at-home molecule, while Mack was always interacting with others, especially his coworkers Tony the tRNA and Rick the rRNA. Even though Danny looked lazy, he always was the center of attention within the nucleic brothers. Everyone made up stories of how he did all the work in the nucleus, while Mack apparently did little to nothing and, before the evolution of Cell York, this was true. The main job the nucleic brothers has were to code and send information to the ribosomes in order to make proteins for Cell York businesses. Before the evolution, Danny coded and sent the information to make proteins, while Mack was only a cheerleader on the side. However, when Danny had a break from delivering, he stayed in bed all day on his laptop, only coding what he needed to do. He soon never left the house, all his necessities were in the nucleus. As time went on, Danny grew larger than he used to be, and less active. His double helixes doubled in size, as well as his bases. Now that the break is over, Danny will have to go back to his job, but with great difficulty. “Hey Dan, your break is over, you need to send all those codes!” Mack yelled as he prepared Danny’s supplies. “But I don’t want to!” Danny whined, “let the other guy do his job,” and went back to sleep. “That guy is gone now, it’s your job to deliver codes now!” Mack became frustrated and kept on
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