The Do I Trust Others?

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The “Do I Trust Others?” Assessment consists of five questions which measures an individual’s trust level for others. According to Robbins, “This instrument was designed to test your faith in people.” (Judge & Robbins, 2012). The findings essentially range on a scale from one to five, whereas an individual with little to no faith in people scored a five and individuals with more faith in people scores a one. Robbins collected the results from 4,200 students and separated them by their level of trust. After reviewing the Robbins analysis, we discovered that our score falls within the 50th percentile. People, who presumably have a lower amount of faith in others, tend to seek an education or position in the fields such as Marketing or Finance. Conversely, individuals who have a higher amount of trust in others may show interest in positions that interacting more with people, such as an instructor, social services, or the human resources field. The writer Patrick Lencioni introduced his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, in which he discloses five reasons where a group might endure conflict, why, and how the group could possibly resolve an issue. The Five Dysfunctions are lack of trust, conflict, lack of interest, dismissing liability, and enabling others to be irresponsible. Lencioni also offers an alternative to the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, in which we feel could benefit a person in a leadership position. He lists the following options, “Trust one another; engage
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