The Doctor Face With The Doctors

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The traditional way of seeing the doctors is an office visit to the doctor’s office. But the game is changing, because of technology, the patient will be able to see the doctor anywhere they want without an appointment, avoid the waiting time and the exposure to other patients. The patients will be able to see the doctor face-to-face interaction with the help of healthcare technology. This will apply to the patients that are not seriously ill or do not require an in-person evaluation by their doctor. The doctor can video conference with the patient and with the help of smartphones turn into the doctor’s tools that allow them to record vital-sign, activity logging, heart-rhythm tracing, plus many other forms of in-depth physical examination. (Dr. Gay, Nic) By doing so, physicians and patients can easily access each other for healthcare issue and reduce some of the pressures and the costs from each side. As the technology improves, the information and the patient care will also improve. We are in the mobile digital devices age, from smartphones, tablets to e-readers, they have a rapid and profound impact in our daily lives. With this in mind, we can position a similar effect on the future of healthcare because of Information technology. One example is the cellphone app to measure your heartbeat or the one app that I use almost every day is the My Fitness Pal app that helps you keep track of your daily calories, salt, sugar and fat. The Fitbit keep track of your diet and
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