The Doctrinal Design Has Been Used To Study The Jurisprudential

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The doctrinal design has been used to study the jurisprudential development in the areas of child witnesses, the reliability and admissibility problems of child witnesses. This has been done primarily with the help of case laws and leading judgments of various courts.
1.5 Research questions:
a) Does the child have adequate cognitive skills for comprehending and accurately reporting the witnessed event?
b) Can the child successfully discriminate actual events from the internal thoughts, images and fantasies?
c) Can the child resist suggestions from various sources to change his or her report or memory of an event?
d) What is the status of child witnesses in the Criminal Justice system?
1.6 Chapterization Scheme:It should in sentence
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Some believe that it is not totally accurate to speak of a criminal justice system.
A system, they argue, is an interactive, interrelated, interdependent group of certain elements performing related functions that make up a complex whole. The criminal justice system is a loose confederation of those agencies that perform different functions and are independently funded, managed and operated.
However, despite their independence, these agencies of criminal justice system are interrelated because what one agency does affects all others. That is why they are called a ‘system’.
The present criminal justice system of India is the product of continuous efforts on the part of those rulers who have controlled the affairs of the country from time to time. In every phase of Indian history the rulers contributed to the development of the criminal justice system. However, most of them treated the criminal justice system more as an instrument to subjugate the masses rather than to protect their rights. The British rulers who made well-thought efforts for the establishment of a sound and well defined criminal justice system in India too suffered from this weakness. They looked at the criminal justice system more as an instrument to uphold the colonial rule in India and less for the administration of fair criminal
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