The Doctrine Of Double Effect

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Introduction to Ethics in the Healthcare Setting Doctrine of Double Effect The Doctrine of Double Effect (DDE) is utilized in the explanation of the permissibility of dealings and actions that result in impairment for example, death of a person, as a result of achieving some good at the end. This explains that it is sometimes acceptable to harm someone if the action will evoke some good at the end (Mclntyre 42). This reasoning was introduced by Thomas Aquinas but has developed and many versions of the same have erupted. Scanlon’s view of Double Effect According to Scanlon, the motives and intentions do not bear any direct consequence tote permissibility of the action. He argues that the reasoning behind the traditional Doctrine of Double…show more content…
Consequently, the doctor refrains from treating the sixth patient causing death then takes the organs and treats the other five patients (Lippert- Rasmussen 543). Application of the Doctrine Double Effect All the patients have the right to equally treatment and the doctor has the responsibility of protecting all their lives. In this case Doctrine Double Effect applies in the sense that one life is lost to save five lives. The available medicine can be utilized in the treatment of one patient. This patient will be cured and be discharged. However, five patients need vital organs which are not available due to a shortage of organs. The organs the five patients need are all possessed by the sixth patient and they are in good health. If the doctor chooses to treat the sixth patient, the five will die due to the unavailability of the needed organs. As much as it painful, the doctor decides to let the sixth patient die which is a permissibility action and utilize in the salvaging of the five lives which is the intended meaning. Opinion on the scenario The sixth patient also belongs to a family and has dreams that are to be achieved. Causing preventable death to such an individual does not only cause pain to the family but it is also an injustice and an unfair way of ending life. It is logical to save five lives by eliminating one but it is morally right to save them all. There are other ways of getting organs for
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