The Doctrine Of Sanctification And Biblical And Historical Foundation

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When examining a certain theological doctrine, theologians go through several steps of the theological method. These steps include, philosophical presuppositions, biblical evaluation, historical development, theological formulation, and practical application. Theologians can use this method to study the doctrine of sanctification. Throughout life, the Holy Spirit works in believers and conforms them to the perfect image of God. Sanctification is where they grow and learn to become more like Jesus. Sanctification will be complete at the return of Jesus. Until that day, Christians are to follow on Jesus’ path and become more like him. The purpose of this essay is to use the theological method to examine the doctrine of sanctification according to its biblical and historical foundation. Sanctification is the progressive work of God in a believer’s life where one is holy through Jesus and not through their own works.
When studying sanctification, certain presuppositions are required for the theologian to understand the doctrine. First, one must believe the Bible to be God inspired and completely inerrant. The Bible is the highest authority and one must believe what it says about sanctification. Second, one must have assurance of their salvation. Sanctification is a process exclusively to believers and if one knows they are saved, they can sincerely apply this to their lives. Third, one must already be familiar with the stages of salvation before sanctification. These steps
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