The Doctrine Of The New Testament

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“As with Old Testament work, redaction accepts the principles and necessity of Source criticism and recognizes the importance stressed by Form critics of the oral period in which traditions about Jesus passed on in the church. However, it rejects the description of the synoptic gospels as mere collections and fragments
(Oxford biblical studies).” That said, the synoptic gospels appear to be all on one accord in reference to the events that surrounded the life of Jesus and all that He taught. For redaction critics to take on this sort of opinion towards the gospels, including Acts, would appear that they have some doubt about what really took place according to the disciples of Jesus. As we delve further into the subject matter of the various criticisms that surround the New Testament, it will help us to understand how they assisted us with understanding the New Testament without taking away from the New Testament’s true Canon. We can learn from the criticisms, but we are not to utilize them in a manner that takes away from the canons of the New Testament. To do so, would imply that most everything that the apostles stated were forms of fabrication at the hands of researchers. The fact is, canons are authoritive
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