The Doctrine Of The Roman Catholic Church

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It has long been considered a taboo to question the actions or beliefs of leaders. However, when one blindly accepts these actions or beliefs, one creates an institution for immoral actions which become increasingly more complicated to overcome. Can authority be trusted, or should it be questioned? One can look back throughout history and literature to see a plethora of cases where the trust conferred onto authority was abused. During the fifteenth century, Galileo questioned the roman catholic church. Martin Luther also questioned the Catholic church in the sixteenth century, and in George Orwell 's Animal Farm, the animals questioned their human masters.

During the fifteenth century, the Catholic church was the authority on scientific knowledge. The Catholic church taught geocentrism, the belief that the sun revolves around the earth. Galileo, an Italian scientist at the time dared to challenge the Catholic church. He made a number of observations which proved that the geocentric model, a model taught and widely circulated by the church was wrong. His observations showed that the heliocentric model, a model proposed by Copernicus which states that the earth revolves around the sun, was correct. For standing up and questioning the church, Galileo was suspected of heresy and as such, he was sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life.

While Galileo was punished for speaking out against the Catholic church, he continued to compile his scientific research from the
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