The Doctrine Of The Trinity

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The doctrine of the trinity
The doctrine of the trinity is the essence and reality of God in his deepest inner life. The trinity is the highest thing that the human brain can contemplate. The doctrine of the trinity is one of the most mysterious theologies in the Christian faith and it is the heart and soul of its teachings. In the trinity there is one true God but three persons. The father, son, and holy spirit. There are misconceptions or heresies going against this belief that there is one God with three masks or modes in which god reveals himself. In the truth there is one God of the old testament that is in the fullest of reality.
GOD reveals his name to us as “I AM” or “Yahweh”. I AM is the present tense. God is the current, past, and the future. The unique thing about our God is that he can be many things. The blessed trinity is our father God, which has three persons- God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. God is one in nature . The nature part is his substance or essence. When God is referred to as one with nature, substance, and essence this is explaining and expressing the truth that there are not many God’s but only one God in truth. There are two terms describing the blessed trinity “what” and “who”. The term “what” is the nature of God. There is only one divine nature even if there are three distinct persons of the Blessed Trinity. The term “who” refers to who the trinity is. The trinity is three persons, God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. There can be

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