The Doctrine Of The Trinity

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Before discussing the Trinity, it is essential to first understand the Doctrine of the Trinity and what it states. Unfortunately for Christians, an exact definition for the Trinity is not provided in the Bible, actually the word ‘trinity’ is never even used in the Bible. Fortunately, however, the Bible is saturated in the belief of a Triune God. The Doctrine of the Trinity states that there is only one God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all one God, but the Father is not the Son who is not the Holy Spirit. The three are “distinct, yet not divided”, “different, yet not separate”. To truly conceptualize the Trinity is very difficult. In our world, we have nothing to compare the Trinity to. There is nothing that is three…show more content…
God is able to impact his believers and all of humanity. This person of God has become known as God the Holy Spirit. “Scripture bears witness to a God who demands to be understood in a Trinitarian manner.” Not to get confused, all three are one God, God Almighty, a triune God consisting of three persons made of one substance simultaneously. Since the beginnings of Christianity, theologians have tried to make sense of the Trinitarian God, but why? What is so significant about a Triune God? Why can’t Christians believe in tri-theism, belief in three separate gods? God is the vital and crucial essence of the Christian faith. Without God, our faith no longer has a purpose. “The totality of God’s saving presence and power can only be expressed by involving all three elements.” To be a Christian is to accept God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We must believe in God the Son because if we do not, we will not be forgiven and we will not be granted eternal life in heaven. We need God the Spirit to strengthen our faith and our conviction in both God the Father and God the Son. If we refuse to acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit, we are unable to experience salvation. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, “sinful humanity is fundamentally incapable of hearing the Word of God.” Because of God the Father, salvation by faith

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